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The Vision

Our vision is to make an international event that aim to gather all beatboxer around asia especially indonesian beatboxers into one place. Take a jam session, Discussion, sharing, Beatbox Showcase and Beatbox Battle

How we Formed

At first, Java Beatbox Festival was an idea of Beatboxing of Jogja (BEJO) who have goals to bring together beatboxers of indonesia who come up with difference in spirit and ideals into one time and one place. From there, we decided to make a national scale event for the first time and turned out the largest Beatboxing Event in indonesia.Because of support all indonesian beatboxers, finally this event was successfully held on 29 june – 1 july 2013 in JOGJAKARTA – INDONESIA
[ Java Beatbox Festival 2013 ]

Java Beatbox Festival 2015

Java Beatbox Festival come up with a theme called “ Beatback 2 Basic”. Through this event, we are trying to reintroduce the history of Indonesian beatbox, the spirit of community and the importance of togetherness in flourishing Beatbox in Indonesia, so that it may construct a new perspective on the movement of the beatbox Indonesia. Considering our shortage of human resource and area, this event will be held privately for only Beatboxers and we have to limit the number of participants up to 100* participants. Not only jamming, sharing, discussions and the battle, there will be games and movie screening “peace love and beatbox” and many more. The Event will present the pioneers of Indonesian Beatbox, such as TITO “Fade2Black” and Billy BdaBx, another guest is Pepouni of SwissBeatbox. He gave huge contribution to Beatbox in international stage, also Rap and DJ performances from DPMB and Cutoff Depth and of course there are still many more surprises in upcoming #JavaBeatboxFest2015. We hope that #JavaBeatboxFest2015 can give a positive influence to Beatbox movement in Indonesia and also introduce Indonesian Beatbox to the International....[Read More]

All AboutThe ArtistsWe Represent

Alem New School

Alem from France is current WORLD CHAMPION who battled in the final against Napom at the Beatbox World Championships 2015 in Berlin! Basically Alem is a drummer. He always imitated the rhythm with his mouth. One day his brother told him: “What you do is called beatbox”. He quickly went on the Internet and came across Razhel, it was 2006. Since that day he didn’t stop beatboxing! Then he met BMG at…

Pepouni (Swiss Beatbox)

Pepouni is beatboxing since 10 years and is a passionate follower of many beatboxing cultures. He loves to visit other countries and captures beatbox events with his camera. He provides the video material on our YouTube channel. Pepouni is currently living in St. Gallen, Switzerland and studying economics whilst he filming beatbox events and artists for swissbeatbox.

Tito Fade2Black

Born and raised In BOGOR, Indonesia, TITZG got involved with lyricism and emceeing since the age of 13 years old, since then he started to developing this form of arts. TITZG has traveled to many types of music genres, Hard Core, Punk, Ska, and all of those stream were only that using Rap as the elements, until in the year 2000, He finally realized that all of this basically HipHop/Rap,…

Billy Bdabx

Willem Carolus Christopherson Tamnge "also known as' Billy beatbox'. Billy is a beatboxer who was born in Jayapura, Papua, on April 28, 1981. Billy knew music only by self-taught, no formal musical education obtained. Knowledge of music is only gained from the experience of singing in the Choir, Vocal Group and Group A Capella in the Church. In 2005, Billy began to recognize the Beatbox from one of the finalists of American Idol, which…


DPMB was formed in the beginning of 2007 in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. D.P.M.B is acronym for “Dua Petaka Membawa Bencana”. They never meant to create chaos and disorder. The name itself is only a metaphor of their style in expressing music. Consist of two Rappers, Alexander a.k.a Donnero and Mamok a.k.a M2MX (he is a member of Jahanam & JHF). D.P.M.B broke through the Indonesian Hip Hop Chart with their first…

Cutoff Depth

CUTOFF DEPTH is a Trio DJ project made by three persons who interested in  Hip Hop, Twerk, and Trap music. The Group is consisted of Pampam a.k.a Lacos, Ipras a.k.a Paws, and Apink a.k.a Kateratchy. In the beginning, CUTOFF DEPTH or COD was only a small project that meant to be performed in the Event called BEAT BREAKERS. This small project became more fun and delightful when they found out…

Acapella Mataraman

Acapella Mataraman is a music work which produces any voices through mouth, by carrying the spirit of local music tradition, which is designed to unique, dynamic, and creative music. The understanding of Acapella refers to music or song without any music instruments. While the word Mataraman refers to a new identity of the interpretation of acapella, and it also means dagelan mataraman comedy which creates fresh humors known as guyon…
"Battle are where you get togather and meet people, and take jam session on the street, like a forum where beatboxers meet"

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"Not to sell out the beatbox community but to be there for them "
MAXIM spirit

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